International Phone Numbers for Business Travelers

Whether you're a frequent international business traveler, or venturing outside the country for the first time, preparedness is vital. Before setting out, be sure to have the following phone numbers at the ready:

Emergency Services

911 won't help you in most countries, so memorize the emergency services number for the area you are traveling to, just in case. Keep in mind that many countries have more than one emergency services number. In Mexico, for example, call 066 for the police, 065 for medical care, and 068 in case of fire. In destinations such as Armenia and Zambia, different numbers apply based upon whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

U.S. Embassy or consulate

Should you encounter legal trouble or require replacement travel documents, you will need to contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. To anticipate potential difficulties while traveling, create an account with the U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Once subscribed, you will receive updates on any travel warnings or alerts relevant to your destination.

Hotel Front Desk

You will want to have this number handy should you need to change your travel plans unexpectedly, or give directions to your cab driver.

Local Transit

Compile a list of both public and private transit service numbers. Even if you have arranged transportation beforehand, you may need these contacts should unexpected deviations in your travel plans,such as flight delays, occur. Be sure to have a list of cab numbers on hand, even if you expect to use public transit when you arrive at your destination.

Bank or Credit Card Hotline

Have these numbers ready in case of credit or debit card theft, and alert your bank of your travel plans ahead of time. International transactions are often red-flagged, particularly if you are not a frequent traveler, and your bank may choose to stop your card should attempts to contact you fail.

Reservation Hotline for Your Airline

You will need this number if your travel plans go awry. Most airlines have reservation hotlines to fast-track customers who need to reschedule or cancel flights.

Local International Hospitality Branches

If you are unfamiliar with the hotel that your business has booked for you, keep a list of phone numbers for well-known hospitality destinations in the area you are traveling to. Wyndham, Marriott, and Hilton hotels all have many international locations, and can always be relied upon to provide quality hospitality.

Medical and Travel Insurance

If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to consider travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover anything from the loss or theft of your luggage, to emergency evacuation and medical care. If you don't have travel insurance, make sure that you have the contact information for your medical insurance provider.

Translation Services

For business travelers, translation services may be necessary. Even if you are fully or partially  fluent in the native language of your destination, it may be advisable to have a local contact who can help to familiarize you with cultural differences.

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