Travel and Work: Call Divert Options to Maintain Customer Engagement and Maintain your Work/Life Balance

Business travelers constantly on the go know it can be grind. You are always connected to work via your smartphone, and your clients constantly manage to have emergencies that need immediate attention. How can you stay connected to both work and customers while maintaining balance and getting some much needed R&R?

Let the office and your clients know the level of responsiveness they can expect from you. It can be frustrating for people to leave you messages and not know when you might call back. Don’t neglect communications with the home office or other customers and make it clear to your clients that while you’re in town they’re your top priority but not your only concern.

Give key people a panic button to press in case of an urgent issue. There are many way to do this. You can give out an inbound phone number that triggers an alarm on your smartphone, tell people to text you, or set up a system where urgent phone calls are diverted to your cell phone or hotel. Do take advantage of the many features available these days to ensure you remain connected in a responsible manner.

Make yourself available frequently rather than continuously. Especially when traveling on business, it’s counterproductive to try to do too many things at once, including keeping up with your communications. Check in at least three times a day: in the morning, midmorning and mid- to late afternoon, and towards the end of the business day. Your coworkers will know when to expect responses from you and you can build in time with clients or time for yourself in between.

Use flights to disconnect

Despite better connectivity and Wi-Fi access while in the air, use this time to take a break from work and unwind. Take the time to watch a movie, read or catch up on sleep. Find out if your company is willing to pay for airfare upgrades and take advantage of those!

Integrate fun into your travel

Whether is taking some dedicated time off for sightseeing or talk to your clients about the places they love in their home cities. Spend some time before your trip to research and look for the city’s best places to go, use a local entertainment magazine and consider adding days to your itinerary for personal travel. As long as its legitimate client entertainment, ask your clients where they’ve always wanted to dine out or what they like to do and make reservations and book events ahead of time.

Take care of yourself

To relieve stress and stay healthy, turn to a combination of diet, exercise, and relaxation in order to maintain good health while traveling. Drink extra water, stretch on the plane, use the gym at the hotel, avoid alcohol and supplement your diet with vitamins. A  growing body of research shows that strategic renewal, including workouts, naps, and time away from the office and offline boosts productivity, job performance and overall health.

To stay balanced while traveling without neglecting your home office and your clients, focus on setting the right expectations of when and how quickly the people that need you can expect to hear back from you, use available technologies such as call forwarding, call diverting, voicemail, email and text to manage communication flow, and don’t forget to schedule time for fun and relaxation.

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